Cruise on my mind!! This time to Mexico


If you have read my blog about the Bahamas on Cruise, you must be knowing that how much I love cruising 🙂 This time I chose Cozumel and Grand Cayman cruise with Carnival Cruise line. 

Here are some of the glimpses from the 5 nights cruise. A blog post coming soon….

IMG_0291Selfie Time 🙂

DSC_9336Serene and beautiful sunset!! View from the cruise


IMG_9834Crystal clear water in the middle of the sea in Grand Cayman. We went through these small boats to see, touch and feel marine life. Isn’t it exciting??

DSC_9346Interior of Carnival Paradise cruise. So much fun!!!


DSC_9633When you get to the port, you see so many other Cruise ships.

DSC_9735Some me time and who does not love to pose if your hubby is taking photos 🙂 Did you like the dress?? Add a comment if you like to see my all the dresses and details, I am going to write a blog on it soon as being pear-shaped it is really difficult to look hautte and fab at the same time. Only a pear-shaped girl can understand the struggle


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