My April favourites- Urban Chic


main imageUrban chic is fast growing revolutionary Mineral product range based in India. As they claim their products are all natural, 100% minerals, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, long lasting and versatile. Urban Chic’s make up is extremely gentle and suitable even for a most sensitive skin.

I heard about these products when I was in India for my vacation in December. I liked the idea about mineral makeup as I have an acne prone sensitive skin. They have a vast color range in eyeshadows and a range of different products to satisfy all the customers.These products have a high antioxidant level to help protect skin from future damage.

My personal favorite which I have bought and tried

urban chic

Eyeshadows – Eyeshadows are highly pigmented and easy to blend. Can be used as a bronzer, highlighter, colored eyeliner, colored mascara, shimmering lipstick, nail polish, and healthy body glow.


01 Pearl – Pearl is a beautiful pigment and very versatile. It looks amazingly good as a brow bone highlighter and can be used as a chic highlighter too.

02 Gold –  Gold mineral eyeshadow looks very beautiful in party/bridal eyeshadow makeup and can be used as a brow bone highlighter and cheek highlighter as well.

16 Nature – Nature is brown pigmented mineral eyeshadow and can be used as a lip gloss, eyeliner, nail polish.

03 Disco – Urban Chic 03 disco is a bronzy gold pigment, its super shiny and looks fantastic in party/bridal makeup, looks good as an eyeliner and a body highlighter

Mineral foundation and Eye primer- As you can see, Mineral foundation and Eye Primer gave a good coverage on my acne prone face. Easy to blend and very lightweight. You can wear it the whole day. I applied it just after moisturizing my face. So I am sure it will give medium to full coverage if being used on face primer.


After and Before foundation.


Body Polishing Coffee scrub – Urban chic’s body polishing scrub is awesome. Very good for exfoliating the skin. My Mom and I use it. It makes my skin soft and removes all the dead cells. This scrub is enriched with coffee beans, ocean salt, and raw sugar.

Tip to use scrub: Mix it with olive oil or coconut oil for better use

Summary – I love these products. Pearl eyeshadow is my most favorite. One thing I didn’t like was its packaging. They can have a much fancier look for the products as looks matters 🙂 When I try to open eyeshadow jar, it spilled on my clothes and I have to make holes in the eyeshadow lids before use.

Shop here   They do ship to the USA.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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