Lush Cosmetics products – Are they worth it??



Like many others, I am also fascinated by the Lush Cosmetics, the aura, and the colorful products can attract anyone. But every time I used to end up getting samples of the products after a trial in the store instead of buying them as I find them costly.

My saga with Lush started when it was my bestie’s birthday and I was wondering what to buy for her as a birthday present and end up gifting her Shiney Happy People a combo of bubble bar and bath bomb. And here you go – she just loved it!! Then I gifted Splash Giftset (one of the most popular among Lush lovers) to my Aunt, not only her but her kids also loved the fresh smell of Sea Vegetable soap. So it is definitely Good to gift to dear and near ones, They are going to love you for this. And after that, I bought them for myself too.

These are the list of products I tried and my reviews on them

Dark Angles face wash It contains Black sugar and charcoal which exfoliate and absorb excess oils to leave dull, oily or acne-prone skin feeling fresh and matte.Best fit for my skin type 

price – $14.95/3.5 oz, Featured Ingredient – Powdered Charcoal, Will I recommend – Yes

Precaution – It may be hard to clean the sink after facewash, as it sticks to the surface


Jason and the Argan oil Shampoo Bar– I didn’t really like it, It melts very quickly and we have so many other options in Shampoo which are better than this one. I find its too pricey for a shampoo

price – $11.95/3.5 oz, Featured Ingredient – Argan Oil,  Will I recommend – No


The Kiss  Lip scrub These scrubs are really hard to use, at least for me. I have hardly used my scrub 3 times because when I use them I have to scrub my lips and then remove the excess which creates a mess as it spills all over my clothes and face due to its sugar content. If you are used to such kind of scrubs then its worth to try this one as it has flavors of Sicilian mandarin oil and almond oil, and is topped off with a touch of sea salt and creamy fair trade organic cocoa butter.

price – $9.95/0.8 oz, Featured Ingredient – Castor Sugar,  Will I recommend – Nokiss


Sea Vegetable Bath soap – My favorite, love the fresh smell, its crust of stimulating sea salt only cleanses skin, but also helps to soften and hydrate, while the reviving scents of lime, lavender, and seaweed absolute are instantly relaxing.

price – $7.95/3.5 oz, Featured Ingredient – Seaweed Absolute,  Will I recommend – Yes


If you are a person who believes in all natural, fresh, vegan and cruelty-free products and can pay a little more price for it – then Lush is for you.

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