Leven Rose Jojoba oil – A Powerhouse and my multi purpose oil


No personal routine would be complete without Jojoba Oil. Jojoba oil is a safe and natural moisturizing oil with a long list of benefits for hair, face, body, baby, and more. It can be used alone or can be combined with other essential oils to make it more effective.  It mimics the natural oils found in skin and hair. Dry skin and oily areas alike drink up its moisturizing properties, which are quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue or clogging pores.

What is jojoba oil – Jojoba is a shrub that is grown in dry regions of northern Mexico and the southwestern US. Jojoba oil and wax are produced from the seeds and used for medicine. Jojoba is applied directly to the skin for acne, psoriasis, sunburn, and chapped skin. It is also used topically to encourage the regrowth of hair in people who are balding.

I came to know about this powerhouse 2 years back when I was worried about my hair fall and trying out different oils, shampoos, and hair care products. After a lot of searches and comparing different brand’s oil I decided to buy Leven Rose 100% pure and organic Jojoba oil which is cold pressed and unrefined. It is one of the highest selling oil on Amazon.

Here are just a few of my favorite ways to use Leven Rose Jojoba Oil. I just know that once you start, you’ll find plenty of applications all your own.

  • moisturizing face before makeup to avoid cacky makeup – Just apply as it is or add a few drops of Jojoba Oil to your favorite foundation to boost its hydration properties.
  • As hair oil for dry scalp and frizzy and slip ends.
  • Eye and face makeup remover – Add a few drops of Jojoba Oil to a cotton ball and wipe over eyes and face. Rinse with water.
  • To the body as a moisturizer – Just after showering, apply Jojoba Oil to damp skin. This helps seal in moisture without leaving an oily residue.
  • As a body massage oil –  Massage into the scalp and body to help relieve dryness and tension. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Other Benefits of this Jojoba oil

  1. Treats Skin Disorders
  2. Balances Oil Production Of The Skin
  3. Reduces Wrinkles And Signs Of Aging
  4. Effective In Treating Stubborn Acne
  5. Reduces Skin Inflammation
  6. Works As A Good Cleanser
  7. Heals Cracked Heels
  8. Keeps Your Nails Healthy
  9. Removes Sun Tan
  10. Prevents Razor Burns
  11. Makes Your Lips Soft
  12. Reduces Under-Eye Dark circles
  13. Reduces Pregnancy Stretch Marks

I still have to try above options 🙂

Price – Approx $10 for 5 month subscription. You can buy it from Amazon

other places to buy leven rose

Side Effects – Jojoba is LIKELY UNSAFE for anyone when taken by mouth. Jojoba contains a chemical called erucic acid, which can cause serious side effects such as heart damage.

Have you ever used jojoba oil? Do let me know your feedback on it by adding comments in the comment section.

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