New ways to include Coconut oil in daily routine

coconut oil

There is so much hype about Coconut oil these days. Every Supermarket has coconut oil, extra virgin coconut oil and many different forms of it on their shelves. And why not- its jack of all trades. There is hardly anything which coconut oil cant do.Read More »

A mother’s Happiness!!


Happiness is an emotional state that most of us are constantly striving for, and often only fully appreciate when it’s over. 

On the occasion of International Day of Happiness, I asked my fellow mom friends in one of the Facebook group – what is Happiness for them and to my surprise, 99% of them said – it’s the smile of their little ones or their little one’s activities which make them happy. It made me think either something is really wrong with a mommy inside me or I don’t love my baby as other mommies. Because happiness for me is just not being my baby happy.  I don’t deny the fact it makes me smile when I see him smiling or coming to me and giving a tight hug. But happiness has so many different aspects.Read More »

My Drugstore and Amazon makeup routine


I am not lucky to have flawless and glowing skin. I have open pores, red spots due to acne and a kind of combination skin type. After years of trying different products and exploring various brands here is my Drugstore and Amazon Makeup routine which is pocket friendly and very effective to my skin.

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